Posted on Nov 16, 2020


Virgin Polyester Staple Fiber a synthetic man-made fibre that is manufactured from PTA & MEG through polymerization performed at a high temperature and pressure
After the spinning and drawing process, polymer becomes staple fibers when cut short into the form of cotton or filament yarns when made into the form of yarn.

Staple fibers are widely used for industrial use as well as for clothing.
They are not only used for filling of clothing, bedding and furniture in the form of cotton or for spinning after twisting cotton into yarn but they are also fabricated into non-woven fabrics through compression and used for a wide range of applications, including automobile, construction, furniture, sanitary materials and agriculture, gradually expanding their scope of application.

Automobile, Furniture, Sanitary products, Cleaner Filter, Various non-woven fabrics, Civil/construction materials, Clothing Sport wear, Premium padding, Inner wear, Bedding Accessory Interior

Polyester benefits
Polyester fills are typically less expensive to produce than down and feather or microfiber fills making them practical and cost efficient
Polyester fills are hypoallergenic and are ideal for products designed for allergy sensitive sleepers

When it comes to easy maintenance, polyester fills are tough to beat and easy-to-care-for
Adding a silicon finish to polyester fills provides a slick hand similar to down and feather fills
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